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Cost of Raising a Litter


Health Clearances for female before breeding including xrays for hip dysplasia,
Heart certification by a board certified Cardiologist. VWD test, thryroid tests.
Examination of female before breeding, includes worm check, brucellosis test, booster immunizations, health certificate, etc. $250
Stud average fee $1000
Shipping (average 500-mile radius)$500
Extra food and vitamins for female when 6 weeks in whelp $150
Postpartum check for female $75
Office visit - Examination of litter $75
Tail docking and removal of dewclaws at $20 per puppy $220
Puppy immunizations at $60 per puppy (4 series each) $480
Ear cropping at $200 per puppy $1200
Food and vitamins for puppies before and after weaning $800
Worming at least twice at $40 per puppy $240
Cleaning and disinfecting supplies from birth until puppies leave home $150

* Note * The above cost estimate does not include the cost of travelling to get required health testing done nor the costs for showing the female previous to her breeding. If she is a Champion, add the cost of entry fees, travel expenses, and handling fees to the above total.

It also does not include the cost of the breeders time in whelping and properly caring for the litter. The estimated cost also assumes that nothing goes wrong, meaning, that a necessary c-section or other whelping complications would cost more. Emergency vet care and formula would be necessary should the mother die during whelping.

This should be enough to show you that Yes, there is money in dogs, lots of it....put there by the ethical breeders that love their breeds and want to do the best that they can for that breed.

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