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Litter Information

Puppies available to approved homes only! We are very particular about the homes that our puppies go to. We want them to be members of your family, not just a dog. We impress upon puppy buyers that it is a priviledge to own a pet, not a right, and also a big responsibility for the lifetime of that dog. We encourage people to ask questions and we in turn ask lots of questions. We don't breed very often, but when we don't have pups, we can refer you to responsible breeders almost anywhere in Canada or the U.S. If you're looking for a puppy, please feel free to e-mail us for a referral to a reputable breeder in your area, or check out the breeders at this link

Check out this link for Boxer Breeders and Boxer Clubs
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If you require a puppy
That isn't noisy and doesn't chew,
Who won't pee on the carpet, or one who
Will never shed or make a mess,
And will never bite under severe duress,
There's only one breed that will bring you joy,
It's the All-Canadian Plush Stuffed Toy!

Author - Nancy E. Holmes

What Is A Breeder?

Bellcrest does not currently have any pups available. We have no immediate plans for a litter.
We can, however, refer you to those reputable
Boxer breeders that we know do have pups.

Puppy Information:

All puppy buyers are required to fill out a prospective purchaser questionnaire.

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