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The Ideal Boxer?

An Attempt at Visualizing Boxer Type / Styles

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As shown in the ABC 50th Anniversary Album

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Obvious difference between these two horses From one extreme to the other .
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Difference in type here too, taller with a bit less angles than older drawing on the right More angles, less leg on this one.


To compare different styles of Boxers around the is the best place to learn........

These 3 photos were recently posted on FB Boxer Function & Form forum (owned by Cheryl Cates). I thought it would be helpful to see them together.

I find it helpful to look at the comparisions side by each (side). Would appreciate your comments. Look at the skeletons above the photos then look at the photos.



Ideal Boxer scanned from ABC 50th Anniversary Album, Horses and Boxer Skeleton photos scanned from The Boxer by John P.Wagner.
Diagram scanned from page 18 Nov/Dec 1999 Boxer Review