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The Girls
In The Beginning
Go to Pepsi Can Ch Tayside's Idle Immigrant CD - Pepsi. Our foundation.
Go to Cricket Can Ch Bellcrest's Critique CD.- Cricket. Our very first homebred Champion.
Go to Annie Bellcrest's Encore DOM - Annie. Small but mighty.
And Then Came
Go to Whisper Can/Am Ch Kpark's Shout It Out. Whisper?? She was anything but!!
Go to Boppity Can Ch Bellcrest Maybe Baby. From a litter of 4, Bippity,Boppity,Boo and Gus bred by my daughter Chris.
Go to Abbie Can Ch Bellcrest Sooner Bee Me DOM. The noisiest dog, the best dog, the best producer, the best mama, that was our Abbie.
Go to Kita Bellcrest Rapture. Co-owned by us
Go to Chili Can Ch Bellcrest Rare Reflection. Retired and happy
Go to Livie

Can/Am Ch Bellcrest Selectively Yours. Gone too soon

Go to Tella

Can/Am Ch Syrr Run's Fortune Tella. Little 'Miss Hell on Wheels' This one stole food off the counter faster than greased lightning.


I brought this wild child home from ABC 2003. She has taken right over and has the older girls wrapped right around her paws.


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Shay is a Ridge daughter and she hails from South Carolina! She was the best bed dog in the North!

And Now
burgmardibut.jpg - 2516 Bytes She is her mother's daughter for sure!! Ch Mardi is a plain brindle girl.




Baxter's mother, Can/Am Ch Bar-K's Perfectly Perfect (Patsy) has come to live at Bellcrest. She has fit in really well and is getting along nicely with our Mardi and is tolerating her son Baxter!! She is a real sweetie.

Puppies & more Pictures of some of our pups at various ages. Upcoming litter plans.

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