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Can Bellcrest Critique CD
1976 - 1986
Sire: Int Ch Vanan's Dreadnaught SOM - Dam: Ch Tayside's Idle Immigrant CD

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Cricket Cricket was quite a character! What a live wire!! She just could not stand to see me sit down with a book or newspaper. She would promptly remove them from my possession and “kill” them. Years later, I found out that both my daughters had a hand in teaching her how to do this. They snapped a book shut in front of her nose repeatedly to teach her this trick. They would stand around the corner when I went to sit down and when she went after my book or paper they would just kill themselves laughing. I never could understand why this happened.

Our girl Cricket Cricket was the dam of 3 Champions and the Grandam of “Texas”. She was also great at killing snakes, and fast too! She loved to take her prize kill and deposit the snake on a visitors knee, she was so proud. Our non doggy visitors were not always terribly impressed!





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