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The Boys
Go to Texas Everyone who knows me knows that I prefer males, but I did not keep one for 10 years until the right one came along. Can/Am Ch Bellcrest Just Watch Me SOM - Texas!
Go to Filmore Can Ch Lounsbury's Flashback to Rupik SOM - Filmore, Although I did not breed or own Filmore, I had alot of input on his creation and tons of fun showing him.
Go to Basil Can Ch Locko's Got The Look of Rupik CGC - Basil is our English Connection. He was born in the UK. Basil is quite a character. Visit his page to learn more about him.
Go to Ridge Can Ch Bellcrest Worth the Wait SOM - Ridge is the only Brindle boy we have kept. All the others were fawns. He is our current hopeful.
He is such a gentleman, a joy to live with!
Ridge becomes a Sire of Merit at just over 3 years of age!!!

Can Ch Bellcrest Watch Me Shine - Cole is a happy outgoing dark brindle boy. He has the most appealing expression. He only has to look at me with those soft melting eyes and I just can't discipline him, even when he steals my lunch from the counter.

Can/Am Ch Bar-K Solaris at Bellcrest - Baxter is a very well adjusted young boy. He is the first fawn to reside at Bellcrest in 15 years. We welcome him, but have to admit we had forgotten just how busy a puppy can be. Now that he has grown up, he is still very busy
Can Gr Ch/Am Ch Bar-K's Moonshine at Bellcrest - Louie - Still scratching my head about this one!! Not sure why at this stage of our lives I decided that we needed another puppy!! And a plain one at that!!! I just love his pedigree and could not resist. He certainly has livened this household up!! He and Baxter are best buddies. Patsy isn't so sure that she wants him here pestering her.
whiskey Can Gr Ch/Am Ch Nastinan's Wishing For It All - Whiskey - I must be getting crazier as I get older because we now have a third boy in our family.

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