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This list is limited to Boxers who have passed away. It does not, purposely, include any that are actively showing at this time.

It is so hard to narrow it down to just a few .....there are some, over the years that I have loved but have not included here because I had to stop somewhere!!

Ch Wagner's Wilverday Famous Amos (Amos) and Ch Kiebla's Tradition of Turo (Tiggen)are 2 that come to mind as 'SHOWDOGS par excellent'!!

If, from the list below I had to choose only would have to be a toss up between Ch Salgray's Jitterbug and Ch Salgray's Auntie Mame.

Many of the Boxers listed below can be found in the American Boxer Club 50th Anniversary Album. A limited number were printed back in 1985. They are difficult to come by, but sometimes they turn up for sale on ebay.

I have never had hands on, but sure wish I had!! I have seen most of these in person though ........


Ch Salgray's Auntie Mame

Ch Salgray's Jitterbug

Ch Holly Lane's Windstorm

Ch Sarazak's Moon Glo

Ch Turo's Cachet

Ch Roamaro's Scotch Mist of Winuwuk

Ch Misty Girl of BD Star JP

Never had hands on ......


Ch Salgray's Fashion Plate

Ch Salgray's Flying High

Ch Salgray's Ambush

Ch Marjack's Golden Windjammer

One of the Best heads that I have had hands on to date ....
Ch Ell Bee's Just Watch Out - also see December 1982 cover of Boxer Review

Those listed below, I have either seen and/or had hands on.........

Ch Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker

Ch Brookwood's Dream Dancer

Ch Brookwood's Full Moon

Ch Bellcrest Just Watch Me

Ch Carillon's Elegance of Rummer Run

Ch Dorado's Roses and Chrome

Can/Am Ch Elharlen's Your Choice

Ch Taswest Reggie in Red

All of the above Boxers epitomize 'BOXER TYPE' to me. Yes, they all have their faults, none are perfect.

Look at each of them, the whole Boxer, overall, not just pieces of them. You will see the picture one gets of what a Boxer should look like. You could change something on each of these Boxers but overall, each of them exudes type. They are not all the same STYLE, but they all share excellent Boxer type. When judging Boxers and/or assessing your own breeding stock, you must have a picture in your mind of what you feel is the ideal Boxer.

All of the above listed Boxersl had substance with elegance and were 'smooth'. There are many more that could fit in here. These are examples only of my ideal Boxers.

Shirley Bell



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