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Some of my Favourite Links where you will find everything you ever wanted to know about this wonderful breed.

Email Lists ShowBoxer-L
Boxer Mailing List
Boxer Clubs Boxer Club of Canada
Northern Ontario Boxer Club
Boxer Club of Western Ontario
American Boxer Club
Michigan Boxer Club
Boxer Club of Western New York
All Breed Dog Clubs Canadian Kennel Club
American Kennel Club
Nipissing Kennel Club Inc.
Boxer Health Health Issues
More Health Issues
Boxer Life Span
Warning!!! Acepromazine
Canine Health
Thyroid & Seizures
The Merck Veterinary Manual
Immune Mediated Disorders of Dogs
Medication Side Effects
Auto Immune Diseases
Boxer Breeding Before you Breed
Thoughts on Responsible Breeding
Orphan Puppy Formula PDF Format
Breeders Resource Center
My All Time Favourite Boxers
Make Believe Dog Show
Boxer Breeders List of Boxer Breeders and Boxer Clubs - World Wide
Buying Your Boxer Buying a Puppy
Finding a Responsible Breeder
Questions to ask before buying a pup
Just a Nice Pet
Is a Boxer the right breed for you?
Training Your Boxer Behaviour and Training Resources
Obedience and Training Links
Neat Things to Do with Your Pet
Caring for Boxer Ears Easy Ear Wrapping
Taping the Cropped Ear
No Tape Ear Taping Method
More Information on Boxer Ears
Boxer Information

How to show Boxer Bite
Understanding the Boxer Bite
Visualization of the Boxer
An Exercise In Judging the Boxer
World Wide Boxers - visual learning
British Boxer Standard
AKC Boxer Standard - Illustrated
The Ideal Boxer? - Visualizing 'Type'
How Dog Shows Work
Glossary of Dog Terms
Canine Show Service 2000 Inc
Canadian Dog Show Information
C & A show Services
The Entry Line
American Dog Show Information
How and When to Hire a Handler
Check/Packing List for Dog Shows

Boxer Rescue How to do Boxer Rescue
Adopting a Second Hand Dog
Boxer Magazines Boxer Underground
Showdog Magazine
Dog Magazine Dog News
Supplies JB Wholesale
Pedigree Software Canine Specialty Software
Web Design

New to Computers? Tutorials for NewbiesAnswers to your questions about Web Design
Learn how to make your own Website

If the information you are looking for is not available via the links above, then try searching in the doginfo search engine below. Have fun.

For The Love Of Purebred Dogs


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